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Useful Links for 10th Intakers

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"Speedie" Sahariv YouTube Site Some youtube links which you might be interested in looking at…
2nd/4th Battalion RAR A link to the official website and "virtual home" of the Battalion.
6RAR Association This is a link to the 6RAR Association website. This is a very informative website for ex-6RAR members.
Australia and the Vietnam War The Vietnam War was the longest twentieth century conflict in which Australians participated ; it involved some 60,000 personnel and grew from a limited initial commitment of 30 military advisers in 1962 to include a battalion in 1965 and finally, in 1966, a task force. Each of the three services was involved, but the dominant role was played by the Army.
Australia's Vietnam War

The 1st Australian Task Force (1 ATF) operated in Vietnam from 1966 through 1971. Some of its battles have become well-known to the public through film and literature. Many however, have not.

This website is the product of over twenty years of research. It provides unprecedented access to information on nearly all 1 ATF ground combat actions Australians fought in during the Vietnam War, numbering over 4,500. Through the use of modern Web technologies, veterans, researchers and the general public now have the power to understand the Vietnam War at a scale and depth not previously possible
Australian Defence Force Trackers & War Dogs Association This website is of interest to persons who served with Tracking Dogs in the Army, Air Force or Civillian life.
Australian War Memorial

Researching Australian military service
Vietnam War, 1962-1975

BONZA ( Baby Boomers of New Zealand and Australia ) BONZA is an information site for Baby Boomers. We want all Boomers to plan for their future and support each other.
Changi Art Our family have recently put my dad’s artwork he did in Changi as a POW, onto a website'

Dad always told me he had to paint to keep his sanity, I guess it was art therapy or diversional therapy before these were invented. Thus most of the artwork is the opposite to what he was living in and was meant cheer him and his mates up by having a laugh at the ridiculous.

Over 300 paintings have sat in dad’s cupboard for nearly 70 years and we thought it was too valuable and wished to share his work with others.

So, I was wondering if you could share the website with your members.

Kind regards from Adelaide,

Keith Bettany

Cockscomb Veterans Bush Camp ALL Services are welcome to stay at Cockscomb, half way between Rockhampton and Yeppoon, 300 meters from Mt Wheeler … see map on the site.  It is not a caravan Park, but does have tank water, septic toilets and hot showers, marginal access to Internet and mobile phone.  Level parking for Vans. Two camp kitchens. PEACE and quiet. Anytime access even after 300mm of rain, two wheel drive unsealed road from Coorooman Creek Road
Defence Service Housing This is a link to the DSH website.
Department of Veteran's Affairs This is a link to the DVA website.
Grey Nomad Trips by Nick Quigley Nick has kindly given us access to view the trips he has done to show us what he has been up to and to encourage us to participate and travel more with family and friends.
Images from the Vietnam War and recent tours This is an extraordinary collection of photos of Australian diggers in Vietnam, mainly taken in the Nui Dat Base and at Vung Tau but there are plenty out and about at Fire Support bases. There are many good aerial  shots of Nui Dat with its Luscombe Airfield… There are so many images at this site & some are automatically linked to others.

There are images of recent tours and photos post the war.
Inquiry into Eligibility for the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal The Tribunal is an independent body that considers issues arising in the area of Defence honours & awards.
Nui Dat & Surrounds 1966-72 Photos mostly taken by 2Comp Ord/2AOD diggers when visiting Nui Dat. Airstrip photos in separate set.
Photos from SVN with notes Links to The FAL Files.
Bernie Weisz: Diggers in RVN.
Lots of very good photos.
Standown Park Veterans and over 50s Caravan Park

Standown Park is the unique bush camping experience with new, modern facilities, where all campers, motor homers, caravaners and weary travelers are welcome to pull up a stump and meet your old friends or make new ones.
Standown Park - 91 Radtke Road, GOOMBOORIAN
Phone:  07 5486 5144 | Mobile: 04 1771 8127 |

The Casualty List for Australia and New Zealand in the Vietnam War

A great number of us know about the "Butcher's List": the 500-plus Australians and New Zealanders who were killed and died through various means during Australia's involvement in Vietnam during the period 1963 to 1973.

Very few of us know about those who were wounded, hurt and disabled during this period. The list that follows is an insight to the real human cost that Australia and Australians paid during our involvement in the Vietnam conflict.

The National Servicemen's Association of Australia

The National Servicemen's Association of Australia was founded in 1987 and now is the second largest ex-service organisation in the nation.

It represents the 287,000 young men called up for service in the Navy, Army and Air Force in two schemes between 1951 and 1972.

Vietnam Veteran's Museum, Philip Island, Victoria

National Vietnam Veterans Museum is an award winning museum recognised nationally for its dedication to the preservation and presentation of the story of all Vietnam veterans in Australia’s longest war - the Vietnam War from 1962 to 1972.

Vietnam Veterans Association Australia, Victorian Division The V V A A had its advent as the Vietnam Veterans Action Association formed in late 1979 as a result of the perceptions of Vietman Veterans that exposure to chemicals was causing problems with their health and the health of their children,
Vietnam War Information Site A website with just about everything you would ever want to know about the Vietnam War, including a comprehensive history.
West Australian Nashos