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On August 18, 1969 I took a photograph of the Long Tan Cross moments after it was erected by 6RAR (second tour) on the exact same spot where the battle occured three years earlier. This cross was removed by the local authorities and years later it was discovered in the Dong Nai Museum. A replacement cross has been erected at the battle site. Currently the original cross is on loan from the Vietnamese Government and will be on display for several months at the Canberra War Memorial. The picture shows 54548 Adrian Roberts MID and 47045 Peter Dinham checking the Cross after it was unpacked at the AWM in August 2012. Long Tan veteran 44590 Harry Smith said, "Based on possession being 9/10ths of the law could we just happen to keep it on Australia soil permanently?"

If you plan to visit the battle site  a copy of the brass plate can be hired from a local police station and affixed to the copy cross for formal services. This system stops local people from recycling the plaque into scrap metal, and also provides an income for the police.