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10th Intake Social Club

Just before I had to leave the last reunion earlier than expected I was approached by many attendees about the possibility of getting together in between the official reunions. The suggestion was based upon the fact that we are getting older and that the ranks are thinning.

I contacted the Sawtell Beach Holiday Park (SBHP) today to check available dates around the same time next year. I have been informed that SBHP is fully booked late September and all of October and I think November is a bit too late. SBHP (Michelle) has reliably informed me there are plenty of cabins and sites available from 1st to 19th September 2018.

Therefore I have booked our cabin from 8th to 15th September 2018. Jodi has told me that all bookings will be posted under the "10th Intake Social Club". These dates are outside NSW school holidays although the school holidays during the reunion didn't seem to pose any problems. The costs are scheduled at standard value rates and Jodi said there could be 'specials' that may eventuate a few months before September 2018.

This is definitely not a reunion. There will be no fuss or organisation. The dates are locked in and if anyone wants to spend a few easy days relaxing in great company just ring 1800 200 555. Pencil in the dates on your calendar.

Finally a message from Yvonne. She has been showered with abundant love, hugs and kisses from the 10th Intake family. She has read and reread the wonderful cards with great messages of love and good wishes. She has asked me to pass on her heartfelt thanks during this period of slow recovery under medication.

Hope you can join us. By the way at this social gathering we will determine the dates for the 2019 reunion. It will be 50th anniversary of our discharge plus resumption of civilian jobs. We need to be mindful of NSW School holidays and not to hold it too early in view of the cold conditions associated with the Camp Kitchen. At this stage the tentative dates will be 13th to 20th October 2019. This will be confirmed. 

Respectfully yours. Richard Barry. ☘️