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10th Intake Social Club - Update

It was an experiment. And it worked! Some could not wait every two years to see each other and enjoy the company of lifelong friendships. So, I decided to introduce the inaugural 10th Social Club on the strict basis that it was NOT to take the place of a planned reunion and to be held October on the off year. After all the 10th Social Club really commenced in September 2009 on our inaugural cruise and has continued on four subsequent cruises.

During the week beginning 8th September 2018 we had 24 folk coming and going at the Sawtell Beach Holiday Park. Initial expectations were about five couples. I am certain more will join us in 2020.

The new Camp Kitchen was used extensively every day and the new facilities are first class although we will revert back to old Camp Kitchen for next years reunion for a number of reasons. The new facility will be great for morning & afternoon smoko, cards and other events especially on the open-covered deck.

Even though nothing was planned Perry & Barb Condrick secured a game of Disc Bowls from their local area. Yes I know, I had never heard of them either and once I knew the basic rules I though it was fantastic. Something to add for the next reunion for the boys and girls at the State of Origin.

The days seem to fly and the weather was absolutely beautiful during the day however, a bit chilly in the evening. Bush walks, movies, short car trips, chatting and visiting coffee shops were favourites. The girls enjoyed the local shops plus their Secret Women's Business meeting in the RSL whilst the boys watched some brilliant finals football. The girls had to take a Nanna Nap to recover from their prolonged fits of laughter.

Preliminary discussions occurred with regard to the dates for the 2019 reunion - celebration of 50 years since being honourably discharged and the reinstatement of civilian careers. Subject to confirmation we are looking at the 13th to 20th October 2019. Still in discussions with the Holiday Park. Further advice to follow.In addition we are currently booking the Sixth 10th Intake Cruise which will be for 14 days embarking from Brisbane on 23rd February 2020 on the Sea Princess. If you require more information ask Richard Barry ( or leave a message on 02 6792 3114.

Finally it is thought that we nominate one week at Sawtell each year and set it in concrete. That will mean we will have first right to book for the corresponding year. And the date will be utilised for both the biannual reunion and the annual Social Club gathering. We have experienced difficulty in the past trying to secure the same site two years in advance. Folk in occupation always have first choice. We will try for 13th to 20th October when it is a bit warmer and after NSW school holidays.

Richard Barry (Facilator). 15th September 2018.