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10th Intakers who have achieved OAM

(1). Peter Beauchamp. 2016. For service to the veteran community.

(2). Grahame Gooding. 2010. For service to veterans, particularly through Legacy and to the community. Grahame was also awarded the Bronze Medal for bravery in 1984 from the Royal Humane Society of NSW.

(3). Nick Quigley. 2006. For services to the ex-service community, particularly through the Central Queensland Sub-Branch of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia. Nick was also awarded the National Medal in 1998 for diligent long service to the community in hazardous circumstances, including in times of emergency and national disaster in direct protection of life and property.

(4). Jock Statton. 2013. Services to the veteran community.

(5). Chris Brooker. 2013. For service to the community of the Sunshine Coast.

(6). Ken Hurling. 2015. For service to competitive sailing. 

I have a feeling there is one more and I am still looking. Could you add these to the OAM website with a note "researched by Richard Barry". 

RJB. ☘