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A Poem for Porridge by Sandie Snape - Nov 2015

This is about Porridge
But, how he got that name?
Maybe he should have been called 'Beverage'
Cause he went back for one again and again!

A quiet, undemonstrative lad from Glen Innes way
And, of course, his mother's pride and joy!
Destined to a life of normality until the Vietnam War.
But, after his involvement in that "little fracas" Normality could be no more.

And, indeed, as all returned soldiers learn
It's get on with your life - Be stern!
So Porridge lived his life to suit
About many things he didn't give a hoot.

But caring, humorous, unpretentious, unassuming and genuine was he
Getting on - living his life quite simply.
It's so sad that you've gone now Mate
Many tears we will cry

But you'll never be forgotten
In our memories you will stay
And even though you never made us those promised fortunes on the nags
We will always miss your winning ways!!!!

Sandie Snape