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Centenary of Anzac

Centenary of Anzac This end production of 180 pages limited edition is the result of more than four years intensive research all carried out on a voluntary and not-for-profit basis.

The author (Richard Barry) will not receive a penny and copies will be donated to some 14 schools and libraries.

It contains short and long stories on more than 650 young men who volunteered to fight for King and Country plus nurses who saw war and never stopped seeing it. Then there are stories of the much maligned indigenous soldiers who were shunned by society when they came back. Also there are about 300 articles of which some are about deserters, rouges and criminals plus hundreds of graphics. Many stories have not surfaced in 100 years.

This limited edition is currently available from Sue at the The Courier front desk on 02 6792 1011. Due to generous local donations the asking price has been reduced to only $25. Postage and handling anywhere will be $20 (November 2018).

As a result of very generous local donations a special Second Limited Edition has been printed (September 2019). It is slightly smaller in size, additional 30 pages of more stories and images, all in glossy colour, hard cover and dust cover and a satin marker. Basically they will not be for sale and will be donated to various organisations, schools, libraries etc. Those coming to Sawtell in October 2019 will get the opportunity to see the result.