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More information on Sawtell Reunion program

Hi everyone,

She won't like me saying this BUT Carol Dahler has spent considerable time and effort in finalising the 2017 Program after submitting many draft copies. There are still a few cosmetic changes to be made later.

It was decided to reduce some of the inherent formalities and concentrate more on togetherness incorporating more use of the Camp Kitchen - the focal point of our reunion. I need to emphasise that the Program is a GUIDE only. All events are suggestions and purely optional. We frown on "standing on ceremony" and fully support "a very laid back" approach.

If you choose to eat out as a group at the RSL, Fishtales restaurant or the Bowling Club please have confirmed numbers ready to give the establishments 24 hours notice as a matter of courtesy. The same will apply to the Bowraville Museum visit. Make use of the Camp Kitchen Whiteboard.

Bowls, Croquet and the Games will all count towards the State of Origin Trophy - 2nd Lieutenant John Hunter to bring to Sawtell. Sergeant Geoff Hewitt and his assistants are in change of Bowls whilst Jo Aubrey is in charge of Croquet. I have yet to confirm with Professor Richard Irons if his Trivia session will also be included in the point score. Sergeant-at-Arms Ray Kohn will be the official scrutineer.

It is the turn of NSW to organise the Games and this is in the capable hands of WO2 Ian Drew and his bride Jan. I have no idea of what they are planning. Will they need cricket gear?

Dress-up in the Hall is based on a "Green Theme". Yes, wear your old greens if they still fit. Suggest bring along any small items of army memorabilia of interest and include any overseas stuff. WO1 Rob Wiseman has some good gear and he'll be OIC of this display. If you wish you can bring along a copy of your Recruit photo to be displayed and for folk to guess. Music coordinators and equipment by Bill Pearson and Ian Cox.

Memorial Service. CSM Owen Puie is OIC of this event and the breakfast afterwards. I have written to several well known dignitaries inviting them to attend our small service. No replies to date. It would be appropriate to wear a coat, tie and medals however, this is optional. Intelligence Officer Grahame Gooding is organising a suitable wreath. Please feel free to bring along your own wreath.

Watch the Whiteboard for a Ladies only shopping/coffee trip.

(a) Pizzas (pay as you go) in the Hall for the "Green Theme" evening - BYO drinks, nibbles and salads etc.
(b) Lunch in Camp Kitchen after State of Origin games.‹
(b) Dinner in the Camp Kitchen on the last evening.

The 2018 Papua New Guinea cruise - 37 people have booked and paid their deposits. There are several more couples who have expressed interest. Please see me for more information.

Don't forget to visit the website ( for regular updates, various links and photos etc. Major James Gordon is our official photographer.

Many thanks. Richard Barry. ☘