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Tenth Intakers who gave their lives in SVN

10th Intake perished in South Vietnam.

2788583 Gary A. ARCHER– 9 RAR. Died on 4 February 1969 at the US 106 General Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, of burns received in an accident at Nui Dat. Buried at Terendak, Malaysia.

2788283 Barry N. DAVIDSON – 3 RAR. Died at the 24 US Evacuation Hospital at Long Binh of wounds received during a contact in Long Khanh Province 1 October 1968.

2787776 Kenneth R. HOUSTON – 3 RAR. Died in Phuoc Tuy of heat exhaustion, severe shock and suffocation on the night of 25 October 1968.

2788085 Hans L. MULLER – 5 RAR. Involved in an enemy mine explosion on 4 July 1969, near Long Hai and died of of his wounds in 1 Australian Field Hospital, Vung Tau, the following afternoon. Nine Australians were killed and 58 were wounded in the same operation.

2788524 Peter E. MURRAY – 1 RAR. Died of his wounds in 24 US Evacuation Hospital, Long Binh, on 9 July 1968, nearly three hours after he suffered multiple fragmentation wounds to his body and a gunshot wound to the head in an enemy contact.

2788793 Michael J. NOONAN – 4 RAR. Shot dead by Viet Cong snipers, along with another Australian soldier, in an enemy contact on 13 September 1968 in Phuoc Tuy.

4719573 Michael SUKMANOWKSY – 1 ARU. Died when a claymore mine accidently detonated on 21 September 1968.

1733547 Robert G. YOUNG – B Squadron, 3rd Cavalary. Died in action when his Armoured Personnel Carrier hit an enemy mine on 24 June 1969 in Phuoc Tuy.

Source: The Australian August 18, 1988 – Special Edition) Compilation Richard Barry.