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VALE: 2788469 L/Cpl Roger Brian Lawson 3.3.1947 - 22.2.2015

2788469 L/Cpl Roger Brian Lawson (Lawso) 03.03.1947 - 22.02.2015. 
Saw active service in South Vietnam with the 6th Battalion in 1969 - 12 Platoon Delta Company.

Roger was the second eldest born to parents Leonard and Mavis Lawson. Roger married Merri Sutton and they had five children - Amos, Hartley, Kamahal, Darren and Regina. He also left behind 14 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

The funeral service for Roger was conducted at the Emmaville Anglican Church at 11am on 28th February 2015 followed by internment at the Emmaville Cemetery. Roger was born in Glen Innes, NSW, but wanted to be buried at Emmaville, NSW (45k NW of Glen Innes), where both his parents are buried.

Lawso passed away right in the middle of cyclone Marcia - what a way to say goodbye to this world.

Besides the family,the following attended from the 10th intake family:- Ian & Margaret Tandy, John Hunter, Frank Douglas, Garry Jeffress, Richard & Yvonne Barry, Mike Rogers, Owen Puie, Max Berridge, Alan & Lesley Kruger, Max & Carol Dahler.

As a 17 year old, Roger Lawson took out the 1964 NSW junior wood-chop
championship at Sydney's Royal Easter Show. He was presented with a shiny
silver-coated blade and mahogany handle axe suitably inscribed. In 1967 I, and others,stood in awe as Lawso swung the axe with tremendous results.

We had the opportunity to view an open casket in the church whereupon
special items were on display - his presentation axe, dog tags, army
regalia, wood-chopping items and other personal effects. Several family
members presented the eulogy and, with very little notice, Owen Puie stood up to express his thoughts on behalf of the 10th intake.

We paid our last respects to Lawso at the grave site where the 10th intake boys formed a Guard of Honour. Each attendee laid a poppy on the coffin which was draped in the Australian flag. Other items were positioned as well - a long neck, 6RAR memorabilia and some sawdust to represent his days wood-chopping.

The wake was held in the old, but very comfortable, 1914 Tattersalls Hotel where the local CWA provided a beautiful array of sandwiches, hot food, sponge cakes and an assortment of homemade sweets. A few hours later most of the 10th family traveled back to the Glen Innes Services Club where Max Berridge had pre-arranged free drinks for Lawso's mates. We adequately toasted our dear departed mate.

Lawso was in the same army hut (A11) in October 1967 at Singleton NSW as
myself, Max Berridge and Chris Sternbeck. Chris remembers Lawso as a great fella. He can recall Lawso taking off in the 5 mile run in the afternoons and would be back in the hut within half an hour. He said he can still see him as though it was yesterday, finishing the cross-country run over one minute in front of the nearest competitor. He was the only one on the circle track - no one else in sight. And fifteen minutes later backed up for the mile, winning it by five seconds - a great performance.

I used to marvel at his fitness when he tackled the obstacle course every
morning before breakfast in recruit training. I admired his feats with the axe out in the scrub in North Queensland. Of course, he thought nothing of it. He was one very strong dude.

Richard Barry.
November 2015.